Friday, 31 May 2013

No spend June!

The hubby and I have set ourselves a challenge to see if we can go all of June without spending any money. Obviously we will pay all the usual bills, direct debits etc. But other than our £50 a week budget for food shopping we will be buying nothing else.

This is going to be difficult, as many of you know I love to shop. If shopping was a sport I would have gold medals in it. I also love a bit of Internet shopping as you don't feel as guilty as no actual money exchanges hands :) What am I going to do for the next month?

I have been trying to plan this so that I don't go completely insane and become a hermit over the next month.

-I have a pile of new books to read, so no need to go out and buy any books. If I finish all of them then I am heading to the library to borrow books.
-I already have a subscription to Elle and Glamour magazine (one was a present, the other was bought at an insanely discounted rate) so no need to buy any magazines as two is enough for a month.
-Rather than go out to meet friends, I shall be going to theirs for dinner and vice versa.
- I have a gym membership that I am tied into for another few months, so I am going to try and make use of it.
-Homemade lunches for work, no popping out to buy naughty food.
-Rather than online shopping, I will be looking to enter free competitions and I will try to get as many free samples as possible.
-On the weekends the hubby and I will actually make use of our house (tidying, sorting and decorating). We have bought so many things to hang etc it's about time we actually did it.
-Staying in is the new going out, well this is what I am going to be telling myself : )
-I will be on the look out for any free events being held in June, if anyone knows of any (summer fetes, openings, gigs etc please let me know.

If anyone fancies joining me on No spend June please get in contact with me on email, facebook or Twitter. If you are on Twitter don't forget to add the hash tag #nospendjune.

I will keep you updated on how it goes.

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  1. Every month is no spend for me! Haha but I will do it with you. The only money I have now is for slimming world and round the twist!