Friday, 31 May 2013

May 31st 2013

Hurrah! it's Friday : ) This week has been mega busy at work and my poor mum is still in hospital : ( I am going to have a big fat lie in tomorrow.

Today I wore a Debenhams dress with some Primark flats and a vintage bag.

We were celebrating the Queen in work today so we thought we would have a tea party : ) Any excuse for a buffet in my place.

Yes this wasn't slimming world friendly, especially the scone with jam and cream : )

Enjoy your weekend whatever you do!

May 30th 2013

Yesterday I wore a Primark top, earrings and flats with some TK Maxx jeggings and a Michael Korrs watch.

May 29th 2013

On Wednesday I wore a H&M dress with a Primark necklace and flats.

I am loving a little bit of neon, can you tell? Anything to brighten up a dull day : )

May 28th 2013

On Tuesday I wore a Primark dress, belt, necklace and flats.

No spend June!

The hubby and I have set ourselves a challenge to see if we can go all of June without spending any money. Obviously we will pay all the usual bills, direct debits etc. But other than our £50 a week budget for food shopping we will be buying nothing else.

This is going to be difficult, as many of you know I love to shop. If shopping was a sport I would have gold medals in it. I also love a bit of Internet shopping as you don't feel as guilty as no actual money exchanges hands :) What am I going to do for the next month?

I have been trying to plan this so that I don't go completely insane and become a hermit over the next month.

-I have a pile of new books to read, so no need to go out and buy any books. If I finish all of them then I am heading to the library to borrow books.
-I already have a subscription to Elle and Glamour magazine (one was a present, the other was bought at an insanely discounted rate) so no need to buy any magazines as two is enough for a month.
-Rather than go out to meet friends, I shall be going to theirs for dinner and vice versa.
- I have a gym membership that I am tied into for another few months, so I am going to try and make use of it.
-Homemade lunches for work, no popping out to buy naughty food.
-Rather than online shopping, I will be looking to enter free competitions and I will try to get as many free samples as possible.
-On the weekends the hubby and I will actually make use of our house (tidying, sorting and decorating). We have bought so many things to hang etc it's about time we actually did it.
-Staying in is the new going out, well this is what I am going to be telling myself : )
-I will be on the look out for any free events being held in June, if anyone knows of any (summer fetes, openings, gigs etc please let me know.

If anyone fancies joining me on No spend June please get in contact with me on email, facebook or Twitter. If you are on Twitter don't forget to add the hash tag #nospendjune.

I will keep you updated on how it goes.

Monday, 27 May 2013

May 26th 2013

On Sunday I wore a Primark dress and Tesco flip flops.

May 25th 2013

On Saturday I celebrated my first wedding anniversary : ) The year has gone so quickly! We spent our wedding anniversary at Chris's cousins wedding.

I wore a Warehouse dress, Faith sandals and a Dorothy Perkins clutch bag.

How beautiful was the weather on Saturday : )

May 24th 2013

On Friday I was off work so I dressed pretty casually as I was running errands.

The jumper is from Primark, the vest is from Dorothy Perkins, the leggings are from Oasis and the flats are from F&F.

May 23rd 2013

On Thursday I wore a New Look blazer with a Primark dress, belt and flats.

May 21st 2013

On Tuesday I wore an embellished dress and flats from Primark.
I picked this dress up from the Liverpool Primark for a fiver! Bargain : )

May 20th 2013

On Monday once I was back in the UK I headed to Liverpool for the day to celebrate the hubby's birthday.
I wore a H&M blazer and leggings, New Look top and Debenhams wedges.
While we were in Liverpool, I treated Chris to some Sushi, I have to say I love Yo Sushi!

Neilson Holiday- Theos 2013- May 11th 18th

On Saturday I flew to Izmir, Turkey to spend a week at a Neilson resort in Theos. I have never experienced an activity holiday before and I have to say I really enjoyed it! Normally the most activity I do is switching sides so that I get an even tan : )

If you are thinking about going to Neilson, you can find them here. Here are a couple of snaps of my holiday to persuade you further.


OK so whilst I was sunning myself I wore a multitude of outfits.

I wore a F&F maxi dress, Topshop lace top, Primark earrings and Kurt Geiger neon sandals.

Here I am in a H&M vest, Primark skirt and Kurt Geiger peep toe sandals and nude bag

The hat is from Next, the vest is from Topshop, the skirt is from Primark and the flip flops are from Tesco.
There are more outfits from this holiday to follow but they are on another camera, I will post them a soon as possible.