Thursday, 31 January 2013

January 31st 2013

Today I have worn a New Look skirt with a Primark top and trainers. You can get a similar geek chic top from  here

January 30th 2013

Yesterday I wore a H&M dress, you can get a similar one here with a Primark necklace, flats and belt, vintage bag and a Debenhams cardigan.

Last night the hubby took me out, we went to see Django Unchained and had a cheeky pizza at Pizza Express. After a delicious pizza I opted for a gorgeous dessert. Dough balls with melted Nutella and an espresso. Yum yum!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

January 29th 2013

Today I have worn a Bench T-shirt with a Primark blazer, treggings, flats and necklace.

I am currently watching the film 'Going the distance' with Drew Barrymore. I have to say Drew is one of my few girl crushes, she is beautiful but not in a stick insect way. Plus I absolutely love her in the film never been kissed. What do people think?

Monday, 28 January 2013

January 28th 2013

Today I am wearing a sports luxe kind of look. The kimono, clutch and trainers are from Primark, the vest is from Dorothy Perkins and the jeggings are from TK Maxx.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

January 27th 2013

Last night the hubby and I went to one of my oldest friends for a lovely meal. Nicky and Logan made us a feast of pate, Moroccan lamb, couscous, flat bread and stuffed peppers, followed by a brownie ice cream cake. It was beautiful and I was tres full after it.

As we stayed over I forgot to take a picture this morning, I did however take a picture of my beautiful over sized clutch that I had with me.

The clutch is from Primark and cost the grand total of £3 in the sale. They also had it in black, I may have to go back for it : )

January 26th 2013

Yesterday I wore my Pugs not drugs top and EBay glasses necklace.

I picked up a few bargains whilst I was out yesterday, of course pictures of them will follow in blog posts. I got a gorgeous vintage bag for £1!!! Some wedge trainers and a over sized clutch. Because a girl can never have too many bags : )

Friday, 25 January 2013

January 25th 2013

Today I have worn a H&M dress, Primark belt, Internationale jacket, Asda boots and Warehouse cuff.

I decided to opt for a bun and plait combo today, what do you think?

I love my fur collar : )

Calling all people from Wrexham?!

I am looking to do a blog post that showcases that people from Wrexham have style and can give any fashionista worth her Marc Jacobs a run for her money!

All I am asking for is you to send me a picture of you in your favourite outfit and include your name and age. Whether you are 8 or 80 everyone is welcome!

Every day I see girls in Wrexham wearing some really on trend outfits. Wrexham has a bit of a reputation for being a bit chavy and I want to show the world that anything Liverpool, Manchester or London can do, we do better : )

This blog gets views from all over the world, so lets show them the best of Wrexham!

Please email me at 

Thursday, 24 January 2013

January 24th 2013

Today I have gone for lumberjack chic! My shirt is from Primark, the skirt is from Warehouse and the boots are from F&F.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

January 23rd 2013

Today I do not have an outfit for you as last night I spent 6 hours in A&E and only got out at 5am.

Don't worry readers I am ok, I had a bit of a drunken accident on Saturday night, I fell into one of my big photo frames and smashed it with my shoulder which then sliced my shoulder. It's been covered up and I have been given antibiotic's so it doesn't get infected. Let this be a warning to you all. Alcohol is bad!

Whilst I was sat in A&E I had this magazine article to keep me company.

The hubby brought me this cupcake to cheer me up this afternoon.

January 22nd 2013

Yesterday I wore a starry affair. My shirt, treggings and bag were from Primark, my earrings are from Blue Banana and my vest is from H&M.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Most Chic Outfit in the World

What Alexa Chung is wearing here is what I think to be one of the chicest outfits ever. For one you can not beat a beige mac. It is an item of clothing that will never go out of style. Audrey Hepburn wore one in Breakfast at Tiffany's. It is so smart and yet so practical.

Then you have a strippy Bretton top, this was favoured by the very beautiful Brigitte Bardot in the 60s. It is a top that you can dress up or dress down depending on the occasion.

Lastly you have the micro bag, now as many of you know I love a bag like the next Carrie Bradshaw wannabe but the micro bag is a hard one to pull off if like me you carry your life in your bag. It is perfect for a night out when you only take the essentials money, keys and lip gloss. But on any other day I need something a bit bigger than a purse!
Alexa Chung is leading the way with her miniscule handbags

Alas, I am still in love with outfit though. I think ever woman should have these items in their wardrobe as their go to pieces when they want to look stylish without trying.

If you do fancy snapping up some of these fabulous items, here are some of the best from the High Street.

Image 1 of ASOS Fit And Flare Mac With Belt Ray Cotton PVC Piping Belted Mac Boohoo


H&M    River Island

Image 1 of Mango Bold Stripe T-Shirt F&F Striped Slub Boxy T-ShirtF&F


River Island

Black Stud Round XbodyMiss Selfridge  Holly Stud And Glitter Chain Strap Bag Boohoo

River Island

Monday, 21 January 2013

January 21st 2013

Today I have worn a loser top from Primark with TK Maxx jeggings. Geek chic!

January 19th 2013

On Saturday I went wedding dress shopping with my sister in law to be. I forgot how much I love wedding dress shops. They are so beautiful, it makes me want to get get married again.

For my shopping trip to Chester I wore a H&M hat, vintage collar, F&F coat, boutique boots and a Nine West bag.

Whilst I waited for my train home I indulged in a copy of company magazine and a Costa coffee.

Can you believe that scrunchies are making a come back? I wish I had not thrown out my velvet one now!