Wednesday, 7 March 2012

March 7th 2012

Do you have certain songs or albums that remind you about times in your life? I have recently updated my I Pod and I got flash backs whilst going home tonight. I was walking to the bus station listening to Green Day and it took me back to being 18 at uni and in love with Billy- Joe Armstrong (the lead singer). I remember getting up at stupid o clock on a Saturday to get tickets for their American Idiot tour and being so excited to see them live! After Jesus of Suburbia finished a Panic and the Disco song came on and I was taken forward 4 years and to discovering a love for emo and emo boys whilst living in Manchester. God anyone would think I'm in my sixties and reflecting on my life, but I'm not I'm 25! What a sentimental old fool I am!

Anyway back to fashion and the clothes : ) Today I am wearing a red dress from Debenhams, a belt from Primark, an Ethel Austins cardigan with my beautiful Faith boots.

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