Sunday, 4 March 2012

March 4th 2012

Yesterday I think I bought the bargain of the century. I mean I have got hold of some pretty good bargains in my time but I think this is top of my list. I bought a F&F couture dress from Tesco for £1 instead of £140!!!!! It is quite a pretty silver dress, for the money I couldn't leave it there. They were having a mad clothing sale there, I picked up two skirts, a dress and a hat for £3.50 and the other got me two pairs of fringed ugg style boots for £1! He also bought me some lovely ankle boots, they weren't a £1 but they were half price unfortunately they are too small for me so I may have to sell them on : (

Today I am wearing one of my bargain skirts with Primark flats and bag, Dorothy Perkins vest and an Internationale jacket. I feel a bit more like spring in this outfit : )

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