Sunday, 27 November 2011

November 26th 2011

Yesterday was my grandad's 70th birthday meal which is why I didn't post last night, sorry kids was a slightly late one.

The meal was lovely and it was really nice to see all the family together.

I wore a pretty green dress from Primark and heels from H&M.

Yesterday I went searching for a dress for the Christmas party, I tried on some gorgeous dresses but in the end I went for a one shouldered dress with embellishment round the waist from Warehouse.

I did however try on a proper ritzy glitzy one from Warehouse, I didn't get it as it was a little bit too expensive for me but I did take a pic of myself in it.

How beautiful is that? Right I better go get ready as Mr Ashurst is taking me out later to see Breaking Dawn : )

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