Monday, 31 October 2011

October 31st 2011

Trick or Treat?
Happy Halloween folks I thought it would only be right to wear something Halloween ish today. So here it is Malice in WonderlandJ Now where did I put my meat cleaver?
Today also marks 3 whole months of blogging! And guess what there are still some outfits that I haven’t worn yet. I’m thinking if I can take it to New Year I will be a one happy gal.
Thanks to all my readers, please continue to spread the word and blog to people everywhere, I will have world domination! mwah ha ha (evil laugh)

Sunday, 30 October 2011

October 29th and 30th 2011

Wow what another jammed pack weekend it has been. Yesterday was Chris' brothers engagement party. It was an amazing evening and everyone had a giggle : )

I wore a Topshop dress, Red Herring shrug, Miss Selfridge clutch and Jasper Conran heels. You can't beat a bit of glitz and glam!

Today has been quite a chilled one as we are all a little hung over. I have worn a H&M dress and heels, River Island bag and a Primark cardie and belt.

Tomorrow is Halloween and I may even put on a fancy dress outfit just for the blog : ) You will just have to wait and see : )

Friday, 28 October 2011

October 28th 2011

As promised today I am working something pink : ) The dress and cardie are from Primark, the leggings are from Tesco and the shoes are from H&M.

Tonight I have been for Chinese and a few drinks with the girls from work, it was very yummy! I had a Halloween cocktail called a spooky cosmo, it even had it's own floating chocolate eyeball.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

October 27th 2011

I feel very cosy but very trampy today L I feel I may have gone for comfort over style! A girl can have her off days I suppose. The ugg style boots are vintage Primark and the jumper is from River Island.
Tomorrow is Pink Day at work which means surprise, surprise I will be wearing something pink tomorrow. I think I am really going to have to have a good look in my wardrobe as I don’t really have that many pink items in there. I did have a lovely pink wig at one point now that is a look I can really rock!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Ok so I technically didn’t wear this outfit today I wore it last night for my sister’s birthday meal but I think it is a pretty amazing outfitJ
The kimono style top is from Warehouse, the long top is from Topshop, the leggings are F&F and the wedge shoes are from H&M.
Whoo hoo we are over the hump and that little bit closed to the weekendJ

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

October 25th 2011

Today is my little sister's birthday so tonight I have been for a very nice meal with the whole family : ) I have also been for my flu jab this afternoon, this wasn't very nice as my arm is now sore : (

Today I have worn a H&M dress, Dorothy Perkins necklace, Primark belt and an Oasis cardigan. I love the colour mustard, can't beat bright colours.

I have also been testing out a donut today, no I don't mean the food variety, I mean the type that goes in your hair. I have to say it has been quite successful : ) I'm just happy that my hair is now long enough that is actually covers it.

Monday, 24 October 2011

October 24th 2011

I am not a very happy bunny as I had to walk all the way home from work tonight as the bloody bus drove straight past me : ( It was all up hill, thank god I had flats on!

Today I am wearing Primark flats, F&F leggings, H&M jumper, New Look bag and a vintage Topshop jacket.

I have just realised something that has quite depressed me I nearly fall into the oldies category on X Factor : ( That means if I ever apply (like I would) I would end up with Louis sodding Walsh as my judge! There goes my singing ambitions : )

Sunday, 23 October 2011

October 21st, 22nd and 23rd 2011

I am very sorry that I have been absent this weekend. You see it has been rather a busy one.

On Friday night I had drinks with Claire and Chloe (two of the bestest bridesmaids  in the world) and we didn't get in til gone 4.30am! J

We were very hardcore, I think we must have had over 10 shots alone!

I opted for an outfit that was smart/casual, after all it was only a Friday and I couldn't have really pulled out the big guns.
The print dress was from New Look, the leggings are F&F and a bargain at 2 pairs for only £8! The wedges are from ASOS.

Yesterday I had my bridesmaid fittings and got to try my wedding dress on again. I forgot how much I loved it 7 months and 2 days to go now!

In the evening it was my cousin Laura's 21st birthday party, I was still feeling a little bit rough but soildered on : )

I wore a dress from Dorothy Perkins, bag from New Look and heels from H&M. I have to say I love my H&M shoes and think I may wear them to death.

Today has been a pamper day, myself and a few of the girls from work have been to the Mill Hotel and Spa in Chester for a pamper day that we bought from Travel Zoo. We had a fish pedicure, a body polish, facial and a back massage. I was in heaven and completely relaxed. I think I am becoming addicted to treatments now.

Just for my friend Rebecca Swift today I have mostly been wearing a dressing gown from the spa today. She said that if I blog more in my dressing gown and PJ's then fame and fortune will be mine. So we shall see as this is the second time this week that I have blogged that I am wearing a dressing gown :)

Excuse the bad hair and no make up this piccie was taken before I was pampered.

Finally I would just like to say congratulations to my cousin Sarah who had a baby boy this week. His name is Alfie and from the pictures he looks gorgeous! Well done Sarah and Shane : )

Thursday, 20 October 2011

October 20th 2011

Today I am all stealth-like in black well apart from the scarf. I think if I took that off I would become invisibleJ
My top and leggings are F&F, the scarf and watch are Oasis and the bag is from River Island. I really like this outfit, I feel quite comfortable in it to be fair.
I am a very happy girl today as my ASOS cape from EBay has arrivedJ I love it, love it!
I am sure at some point you will see me in it.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

October 19th 2011

Today is Wednesday which hump day but it is technically my Monday so I am all confused L
Today I am wearing a River Island dress with Primark flats. I went for tea with Dad and little sister this evening which was nice. Always good to have a Williams catch up especially when daddy pays J
I have yet another jam packed weekend coming up. Friday I have Claire and Chloe coming down ready for the bridesmaid fitting on Saturday. So Saturday is dress fittings etc then I have my cousin’s 21st to go to. Then Sunday I have a spa day with the girls from work. I think come Sunday I will need that spa day or a lie down in a darkened room.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

October 18th 2011

Today is mine and Chris' 3 year anniversary and to celebrate such a momentous occasion we are having a PJ day and scoffing naughty food : )

So today I am wearing slippers from a spa, Primark PJ bottoms and dressing gown and a Topshop vest.

Please excuse the make up free face and bed hair I'm going Au Natural today : )

Monday, 17 October 2011

October 17th 2011

Today I have been to the Trafford Centre and was very well behaved as the only things I bought were Christmas presents! Chris treated me to lunch at Yo Sushi, it was very scrummy. It was my first time at a sushi bar and I even used chopsticks!

Today I am wearing an F&F maxi dress, Primark kimono, earrings and ring and Fat Face flats. I love kimonos at the moment they rock my world!

Tonight I am watching all 3 American Pies with Chris, we're both off tomorrow and having a PJ day so we thought we would be rebels and stay up all night watching films. Rock 'n' Roll I know :)

Sunday, 16 October 2011

October 16th 2011

Today I am wearing a H&M dress with a Primark belt and F&F flats and cardigan. The necklace is vintage and is actually a Paris postcard.

I have dyed my hair this morning I am now a lighter shade of blonde, in the picture it doesn't look much lighter but when I look in the mirror I can tell it is lighter. Hey ho!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

October 15th 2011

Today has been a very relaxed day well apart from this morning which was very stressful due to the rugby. All I will say is well played boys!

I have spent the day pottering round doing odd jobs, I met my sister to help her pick an outfit for tonight as she is going out to Chester. I found her a lovely top from Warehouse which was in the sale at £15!

Today I am wearing a F&F strippy top, H&M vest, New Look skirt and Primark scarf and glasses.

This afternoon I watched a classic movie, how to marry a millionaire. It is one of my favourite Marilyn Munroe films. I love the outfits, 1950s fashion was perfect for curvy figures.They always looked so glamorous too.

Before I forget I am finally getting round to putting some of my stuff on Ebay : ) The link is below to see some of the items.

Friday, 14 October 2011

October 14th 2011

Tomorrow is a big day for me, tomorrow is the day that my country cream the frogs in Rugby! Come on Wales!

To show my love for my country today I wore a Wales rugby shirt to work. Ok to be fair ITV were coming in to film work so we all had to wear our rugby tops or anything red to show our support, but I still rocked a rugby shirt in the office : )

I know it is not the best picture of me so to give your eyes a real treat here is Gavin Henson with his top off.


Normal service and blogging will resume tomorrow : )

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ocober 13th 2011

Today I am wearing a H&M jumper, Fat Face skirt, F&F pumps and a Dorothy Perkins owl necklace.

I feel quite preppy again today : ) I have to say I love my owl necklace especially as it was £1 in the sale from Dorothy Perkins.

Whoo hoo it's Friday tomorrow and I'm off Monday and Tuesday next week as it is my anniversary so that is a whole 4 days off to chill : )

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

October 12th 2011

Today I am wearing a Primark dress, bag and belt, H&M boots and a Ethel Austin cardie.

I am currently bidding on some lovely heels for the wedding, they are brand new, beautiful and exactly what I am looking for. Fingers crossed I win them.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

October 11th 2011

The mornings are so dark now it makes me want to stay in bed under the covers L
As it is quite a grey day I have decided to get my sequin on! The top is vintage H&M, the skirt is Primark and the turtle necklace is from Dorothy Perkins.

Monday, 10 October 2011

October 10th 2011

Monday already! Today I am wearing a kimono from Primark with a Primark belt over a Tesco F&F maxi dress. I have to say I love the kimono, it makes me feel all girly J

I'm very excited for TV viewing tomorrow. Vampire Diaries starts back! This makes me very happy : ) Whoop!

Sunday, 9 October 2011

October 8th and 9th 2011

Check out my lovely nails : ) You have to love the Barry M crackle nail varnish.

Today is my mum's birthday and not just any birthday, today she has turned the big 50! So this weekend we have been celebrating it big style.

Last night we had a few drinks at hers including some pink fizz before heading into town where we consumed several thousand more : ) I wore a lovely black dress from H&M and I have to say I love it. It is in store at the moment, they do it in a couple of colours and is a complete bargain at £15. I wore it with a Primark belt, clutch and heels.

Today I have worn a dress from Debenhams, a Primark belt and flats. I thought this would be quite a nice outfit to wear as we went out for Sunday lunch to try and help the hangover and of course celebrate Mother Bear's birthday.