Thursday, 29 September 2011

September 29th 2011

Today has been yet another sunny day hence the summer attire :) We went to Llandudno and walked along the beach it was very romantic apart from the super sized seagulls that were swooping past. I bloody hate seagulls they scare the hell out of me! Last year I was walking on the pier eating some chips when one came down to try and grab my food. Being the big girl that I am I chucked my cone of chips in the air and ran screaming. Chris was howling with laughter at me :( People were looking, it was not my finest moment. Since then I don't like eating food in the outdoors in case I am attacked by them greedy bastard birds.

Anyway back to the clothes today is a Primark special. The short dress, leggings, sunglasses and sandals are from Primark. The bag is from Warehouse.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

September 28th 2011

Today I have been sunbathing! Yes you read that right sunbathing. It appears that we are in the midst of a Autumn heatwave :) This makes me very happy especially as I am off work all this week.

Today I am wearing a tankani and bottoms as I have been swimming, the swimming stuff is from Tesco. I would show you my bottom half but I am not that brave or confident to show the whole world me in a swimming cossie.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

September 26th and 27th 2011

One word to describe the last few days WOW!

On Sunday we went to stay at Armathwaite Hall in the Lake District after I won a competition on Glamour. So I got to experience my very first spa treatment while Chris got to go quad biking. We had an amazing time, the place was very posh so I was on my best behaviour. I had the most amazing facial there, I almost fell asleep.

Yesterday Chris had a surprise for me, he had booked for us to stay another night in the Lake District but this time it was at a 5 star boutique hotel called Winder Hall. They only have 8 bedrooms in total, so it is very exclusive. He had champagnes and chocolates waiting for me in the room I felt very spoilt.He even booked for us to have a lovely meal in their little restaurant. I honestly feel I have gained several thousands pounds in weight with all the luxury food I have been scoffing the last couple of days.

Yesterday for our very romantic meal I wore a lace dress from Dorothy Perkins and Some heels from Primark.

As you can see in the picture my empty champagne glass :)

Today on the way back to sunny Wales we went via Windamere for a little walk and some yummy lunch. I even bought one or two little Christmas presents. Get me being all organised!

Today I am wearing a Primark vest and a Dorothy Perkins maxi skirt, I did have boots on under it but it is so warm now I have had to change them to flip flops!

Right well I am now off to the Welsh coast for a couple of days and I fear I may have no internet connection :( I will continue to take pictures of what I wear every day but you may have to wait until Saturday when I return to see what I wore Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If I can get on the web then I will continue to blog as normal.

Lastly before I forget one of my best friend's has set up a website, please have a look at it Claire is a very talented journalist and writer.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

September 24th and 25th 2011

Oh dear I am feeling a little bit rough this morning. We were due to leave for the Lake District at 7am, we still haven't left yet! Yesterday Chris treated me to a nice lunch but we ended up getting home at midnight. Basically we got shit faced together. I have found my new favourite watering hole called Voodoo Moon. They do the most amazing cocktails in there, my new favourite drink is called Aviation. It is basically parma violets in a glass.

Yesterday I wore a Warehouse skirt, Primark T-shirt, Topshop bangle and a Tesco bag.

Today I am wearing a H&M hat and vest, New Look skirt and a Warehouse top. I love this top, I'm hoping it will hide my hangover shame : )

Right I'm off for my spa break. I will report back on what the place is like.

Friday, 23 September 2011

September 23rd 2011

I have just realised something terrible : ( I have left my Topshop locket in Warehouse changing rooms! I was looking at today's picture and it made me realise that I am not wearing said necklace. If anyone has found a locket in Cheshire Oaks it was mine. This makes me very sad.

Today I am wearing an Oasis dress, Dorothy Perkins hoop earrings and a lost Topshop locket.

On the plus side I did get my eyebrows waxed and got my nails painted. They are now a lovely dark blue and chip free. I may even show you them tomorrow.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

September 22nd 2011

Ahhh i’m so excited I’m on holiday now J

To show how happy and excited I am I’ve worn a gorgeous outfit today. The bright blouse is Primark, the skinny jeans are Oasis, the bag is River Island and the sandals are Guess (oh yeah I’m wearing a bit of designer today).

Tomorrow I am going to have a bit of pampering before I go to the posh spa hotel for some pampering. I desperately need my eyebrows waxing and my nails are chipped as always so I may let a professional paint them for me.

I came home from work and was presented a lovely glass of champagne off the other half, he is so good to me :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

September 21st 2011

What’s people’s opinions on a onesie? I feel like I should get involved. I mean they look very comfy and of course quite comical. Now I’m not saying that I will wear it to work or anything but on those rare duvet and sofa days I think it would rock my world.

Today I have gone for the outfit that I was going to wear yesterday. The cardigan is from River Island and at the moment has £15 off it! The short dress and leggings are from Primark and the beautiful boots are from H&M and are currently on the shelves. I have to say I love today’s outfit. I think it is quite autumnal J

I’m so excited I only have one more day in work and then I’m off for just over a week. Holiday time J I will still be doing my blog, it may be a little sporadic as internet connection will not be the best where I am going but I will be bringing you Wales’ best seaside fashion J

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

September 20th 2011

What a horrible Tuesday L I had a lovely outfit planned for today but because of the crap British weather it has had to stay in the wardrobe for another day. As the weather is naff my outfit is also a little bit naff today.

I love the scarf that I am wearing I think it makes any outfit stand out. I bought it years ago from Primark and love the bright colour of it.

The coat is from Tesco I bought it this year for when I went to FomFest (an amazing festival).

The tassel boots are vintage Clarks. I bet you never thought you would read about vintage Clarks Clarks makes me think of going to get fitted for school shoes when you were a kid. Oh happy times.

Fingers crossed the weather will be brighter tomorrow and I can wear my lovely new H&M boots J

At the moment I'm lusting after a portfolio clutch, especially the leather ones on ASOS. If anyone wants to get me one I would love you forever.

Monday, 19 September 2011

September 19th 2011

There is definitely a chill in the air, I have had my cardigan on for most of the day which isn’t like me as I’m normally hot all the time. Sometimes I think I must be a werewolf like Jacob and running at a higher temperature than everyone else. By the way I am not a werewolf (just saying).

Anyway today I am wearing a Primarkathon as usual J The flats, the cardigan, the ring and the bag are all Primarni. The jeans are Next and the vest is H&M.

Also Здравствуйте! to my new Russian followers :)

Sunday, 18 September 2011

September 18th 2011

I am currently sat here watching the Great North Run, it always makes me misty eyed I love the fact that so many people take part for all these different good causes. I would love to do it myself one day, I think I would need to train for about a year as I am quite shocking at running : ( I did take part in the race for life last year though.

A big shout out to Jess Swift and Rachael Wynne who are both running the Great North Run today!

Today I am in comfy clothing as I don't really plan on leaving the house. The top if off and the harem pants are from H&M.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

September 16th and 17th 2011

 Yesterday I went to see the one and only Alan Carr at the MEN. He was absolutely fantastic, my face was hurting from laughing. As promised I said I would give my lovely friends that I went with a shout out. So I enjoyed my comedy evening with Rebecca Swift, Suzanne Parry, Victoria Bentley-Clements and Bethan Williams : )

I wore a Primark dress, belt and cardigan, River Island shoes and a Paul's Boutique bag.

Today I have lunched with mother and sister and did a little bit of shopping. It has been a very nice day : ) Tonight I am cooking fajitas and having a few cheeky ciders with the other half while we watch X Factor : )

As I have been out and about my outfit was quite relaxed today. The mac is from Gap, the bag is from River Island, the long top is from TU at Sainsbury's and the leggings and ballet shoes are from Tesco.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

September 15th 2011

Today is Thursday which means that it is nearly Friday, which means the weekend is almost upon us again J

I’m trying to get the most out of my summer clothes as there is very little time left before the dark and cold days really are upon us.

So today I am wearing a Primark dress, belt and long sleeve top with Tesco boots.

Mmm Chris is busy cooking my tea, I'm having Bambi for my tea tonight. Oh yeah!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

September 14th 2011


Today I am wearing a H&M jacket, Primark jumper, Oasis jeans, Faith boots and Tiffany and Co earrings.

I'm so excited on Friday I'm off to see Alan Carr in Manchester! I absolutely cannot wait : ) 2 sleeps to go!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

September 12th and 13th 2011

So yesterday I was ill I went from looking like this..

To this...

I felt sick bad time, it was not good. I felt that rotten that I ended up going home and straight to bed For the time that I was in work I was wearing a Dorothy Perkins dress and earrings.

Today I am feeling much better J I am wearing a H&M top, Primark leggings, Accessorize necklace, Primark earrings and Dorothy Perkins knee high boots.

I've cooked for Hayley and Katie tonight, we had stuffed chicken breast yum yum get in my tum J They both left alive so I don't think I have poisoned them.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

September 10th and 11th 2011

Another busy weekend for me. My poor body never seems to get a break, hey ho!

Last night was Hayley's birthday night out, so what I wore yesterday was captured whilst in Fat Cat's sipping a Desperado : ) It was a Primarni special, I was top to toe in Primark. The dress, the heels and the bag were all Primark. The bangle is Topshop and the earrings are Warehouse.

Today I am wearing a French Connection jumper dress, Topshop necklace, River Island bag and Tesco flats.

Whilst Chloe and I were out and about shopping today I came across a fur special in Topshop and just had to take a picture of it. Together it would cost £42 but I bet I would be snug in winter.

From Russia with love?

Saturday, 10 September 2011

September 9th 2011

Last night was our opening party for the new building at work. There was free food, free booze and some cracking tunes. It was a really good night : ) When work do parties they don't do them by half. We even had a cake made for the occasion. See below.

So yesterday I wore a cream lace dress from Primark and a cropped black jacket from New Look. I thought it was a look that could take me from day to night.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

September 8th 2011

I have gotten creative for today’s outfit. This looks like a colour block dress doesn’t it? Well it is actually a black maxi dress with a grey T-shirt under it. Clever eh? Ok I know it isn’t rocket science but by adding a few things you can make a dress look like several completely different outfits.

So the T-shirt is Primark, the dress is Tesco, the belt is New Look, the boots are Faith and the earrings are Warehouse.

I have also dyed my hair yet again. I think it has gone lighter, it’s still not as light as I want it. I can’t believe how long it is taking me to get my hair light again after dying a ginger kind of colour. When I commented last night and said that I’m getting blonder, he replied “you’re not blonde!”  To which I said “what colour is my hair then?” And do you know what he said “Dunno”. What a bloke response!

What colour is my hair??

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

September 7th 2011

Today I am feeling very wintery, I have officially rolled out the jumpers. I love this jumper as it has got lots of little holes which makes it great for air flow : ) It is a little bit revealing with all the holes but I am feeling a little bit risqué : ) I don’t think the pictures shows the true sluttiness of the jumper.

The ‘ol holy jumper is from Tesco and the skirt is Primark.

Right I am off to Mother Bear's for tea, lasagne I can't wait : )

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

September 6th 2011

I am feeling very sorry for myself today : ( I don’t feel very well, I really hope I’m not coming down with anything. Work has been super busy and my head has been pounding I just want to cry. I have been scoffing popcorn to try and make me feel better while I type this.

Today I am wearing a vintage Primark dress, a suede Primark bag and beads from Peacocks.

I took this close up of the bag at the bus stop this morning whilst waiting for the bus to work.

Monday, 5 September 2011

September 5th 2011

Today I have opted for trend that is very Autumn /Winter, the midi dress. I was a little apprehensive at first but I now love it : ) Being short I sometimes struggled with maxi dresses as they tended to drag on the floor even when I wear stilts. So I think midi length is perfect for all heights.

The dress is from Primark and the boots are from Tesco last year. It is nice to see that the Shearling style boots are still on trend this season : )

Sunday, 4 September 2011

September 3rd and 4th 2011

Greetings from sunny Wigan, this is the fist time I have done my blog from somewhere other than my home.

I can't believe how quickly the weekend has flown by! Yesterday was pretty much a right off as I was rather hung over from Friday night. Chloe and I didn't get in til 4am and we were rough as toast yesterday. We managed to make it to the cinema to see Inbetweeners, we hoped it would help the hangover. It did slightly. I highly recommend going to see the film it was very very funny.

So yesterday I wore a H&M dress and a New Look cardie. I loved this cardie as it was nice and snuggly, perfect for when you're feeling a little delicate.

Today has been another monochrome ensemble. The dress is from Dorothy Perkins and the leggings are from Tesco. This picture was actually taken in Chris' old bedroom, as you can see my stuff is everywhere. I can somehow create a mess wherever I go.

I am currently waiting for a roast beef dinner, I'm not going to lie I can't bloody wait : ) I think I may have to have a little snooze as well. I am getting old I can't hack all these late nights anymore.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

September 2nd 2011

Today is a really short blog sorry. As I am going straight to Wigan after work, I realised that I will not have time to blog.

Today I am wearing comfy clothes, as will be spending the best part of 2 hours on a train lugging a bag around I have gone for comfort. The Rolling Stones T Shirt is from H&M and the ribbed leggings and leopard print pumps are from Tesco (again). You should really check Tesco out they have some brill stuff in.

Sorry it is short sweet today : )