Thursday, 25 August 2011

August 25th 2011

Today is exactly 9 months til I get married! That is quite a scary thought so much to do in so little time.

Last night I went to see One Day, it was amazing. I loved it : ) Anne's Yorkshire accent was pretty bad but they captured the essence of the book perfectly.I was crying at the end along with about 100 other people. I had a costume change to go to the cinema. I wore my Red or Dead T-shirt and John Rocha skirt.

Today has been a very busy one, I am so tired and cannot wait for this bank holiday weekend. As I was feeling quite lazy I wore the same John Rocha skirt, an Oasis T-shirt, Oasis watch and Primark sandals. It is quite a hippish look, but you can't beat a bit of tie-dye now and again.

Right night night peeps I'm off to bed : )

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